Blog: New Pet Owners

A Puppy, for Christmas?

Dogs are adorable, fun, and make perfect family pets. With Christmas right around the corner and despite rescue organizations urging people to be less impulsive with their pet purchasing, thousands of people are still buying puppies as Christmas presents.

Puppies in a Basket

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Getting a New Puppy or Kitten

Thinking of getting a new pet? Well, consider these first:

puppy in training

Teaching your Puppy Fun and Useful Behaviour

How to teach your puppy fun and useful behaviour. Leaving cookies on his paws.

How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog

You have finally made your decision to get a dog, congratulations!  Now the big question, is what type of breed are you going to make your furry companion?  Of course almost everyone has their dream dog but is that breed the most practical for your life style?  You must ask…