Top 5 Things to Consider Before Getting a New Puppy or Kitten

Thinking of getting a new pet? Well, consider these first:

1. Family

Have you taught your kids how to properly interact with kittens and puppies? Does everyone in the household agree that this is the right time to get a new pet? Do you plan on making any significant life changes in the future that could affect a pet? It is essential to make sure that everyone in the household is on the same page before adding a new family member.

2. Space/Living situation

As much as we want them to stay little forever, puppies and kittens grow! Ensure you have space for everyone! Do you own or rent your home? If renting, make sure that your landlord allows pets and that the pet policy will not change over time. Do you have a yard for a puppy? Or space for a cat scratching tree? These are all things to consider before making any spontaneous additions to your family.

3. Time

Life is busy! Make sure you have the time to care for and pay attention your pet. This may require scheduling walks or pencilling in some kitty play time on your calendar.

4. Money

Not only may it cost you money to adopt or purchase your pet, but it is also important to budget for your pet’s usual annual expenses and medical emergencies. We encourage you to look into pet insurance options.

5. Activity

Make sure you have a plan for activities for your new pet such as socialization classes or agility/obedience classes. For cats, make sure they have plenty of toys, including a scratching post to encourage healthy scratching behaviour!

Written by Jessica Sirovyak, RAHT