How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog

You have finally made your decision to get a dog, congratulations!  Now the big question, is what type of breed are you going to make your furry companion?  Of course almost everyone has their dream dog but is that breed the most practical for your life style?  You must ask yourself, “why do I want a dog’?  Is this newly acquired furry friend meant to be a cuddle buddy? Or are you wanting him to come for runs, hikes, and other adventures with you?  No matter the reason as to why you want dog you must ask yourself why and then you may determine what kind after you are able to answer that question.

How much time do you have for your dog?

How much time you are willing to spend with your new friend is a big factor on determining what kind you should get.  Are you an extremely social person who enjoys going out after a full day’s work?  Do you have a full time job or are in school?  Are you living alone or will you have help from a significant other family member or roommate?  How much time and what kind of life style you live is the biggest factor on what type of dog you are going to choose.  If you are more of a home body that likes to wake up early and come home right after work then potently that high energy Golden Retriever is right for you!  But if you find yourself busy with other activities and don’t have as much time to walk a high energy dog then a smaller more relaxed breed such as a French Bull dog will work better for your current lifestyle.  But any new puppy is going to need lots of time love and affection no matter what type of breed, yes, some more than others.  If you are not willing to put that in or it is just not the right moment in your life there is nothing wrong with waiting until it is.

How much are you willing to exercise them?

Your new pup will need exercise!  And this goes back to how much time you have to help them get all the running and playing time they need.  Most big high energy dogs will need to be let out in the morning and then again at night!  Are you willing to sacrifice sleep and social outings to make sure Fido gets his daily runs or walks in?   If you are set on a big dog but do not think you can commit to all of the needs a high energy dog needs maybe consider a large dog that is low energy such as a Great Dane.  They make great apartment dogs because they are so relaxed, but don’t neglect the daily walk all together! Do you enjoy being outside no matter the temperature or is having to take your pal outside going to make you resent him?  Maybe you have a very hard labour job so the last thing you want to do after work is spending your evening at the dog park, playing countless hours of fetch.  In this case maybe consider a small lap dog that will still give you great companionship.

How much are you willing to spend?

Money may be the biggest make or break on deciding what kind of dog you should get.  Think about how much more a 120 lbs St Bernard than a small Bichon Frise?  The answer is a lot more!  So this means you will be spending more money on dog food. They will need more toys and chew bones, can your finances handle that?  It’s much more than food though, you also must consider vet bills as well.  A larger breed of dog will always cost more for his or hers surgery’s. Don’t forget medication, the bigger the dog the more the medication will cost. Also if you are ever wanting to take a vacation you must take into consideration of trying to find someone to look after your new pup and the cost it might be.

Considering all of these factors is essential!  But after everything is said and done you are going to have a new best friend for hopefully the rest of his or her life.  For more information of choosing the right breed of dog go to the Canadian kennel club where you will find all sorts of information of different breeds of dogs and how they will make a good fit for your style of living.