A Puppy, for Christmas?

Dogs are adorable, fun, and make perfect family pets. With Christmas right around the corner and despite rescue organizations urging people to be less impulsive with their pet purchasing, thousands of people are still buying puppies as Christmas presents.

Dogs are wonderful, but they require a lot of time, patience, and a serious lifestyle change. Not to mention, they are expensive. While puppies are cheaper than children, the average owner will spend between $15, 000- $40, 000 on their dog during its lifetime. You have toys, accessory, and food bills, and you owe it to your dog to feed them a high-quality diet. Then there are veterinary bills and insurance costs. There are costs of care when you go away on holiday. You also need to consider the training costs. Every owner should attend puppy classes that teach important life skills that will ensure a happy and successful relationship between both you and your pup, and also your pup and other pets and people.

One of the biggest changes is going to be to your daily routine. Dogs need daily walking, and in the winter this means in the dark, cold, and snow. If you travel for work, you are going to have to pay for a dog walker to come and take them on walks. Don’t forget that dogs are messy, and require regular grooming to maintain their coat health.

One of the most common reasons dogs are surrendered to rescue centers is behavioural problems. These are often caused by a lack of exercise, training, and general understanding of the species. Dogs are emotional beings with complex personalities who deserve attention and love. If you want a dog and you are ready for the commitment then get a dog at Christmas time. Just make sure you understand the challenges and responsibilities that come along with man’s best friend. A dog is a family member, not a disposable gift or accessory.

Written by: Breah Russel, CCR