Blog: New Pet Owners

Benefits of Pet Companionship

Increases physical activity levels– it is hard to lay on the couch all day if Fido is begging for a walk. Cardio exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, which could mean a longer life to spend with Fido!


Rabies: What You Need to Know!

I know what you’re thinking, my cat only goes out onto my balcony or into my backyard so she’s not at risk for rabies. Wild animals with rabies do not behave normally, though. Normally nocturnal animals such as bats and racoons may be out during the day and fly onto…


Puppy and Kitten Vaccines

Getting a new puppy or kitten is always exciting! But with all this excitement it is important to ensure your new furry friend is receiving the proper care in their young life. Part of this care includes receiving their vaccines. DOGS There are 3 “core” vaccines that are essential for…

Rescue vs. Breeders

Should you Adopt or Buy a Pet?

So- you want a new companion and a new addition to your family. Congrats! New pet owners should primarily consider if they have the time, money, space and over all life style that would be compatible with your new family member. If seen fit, the next concern owners should take…