Breah Russell

Client Care Representative
I joined the clinic in 2014. My favourite thing about the clinic is the staff, their love for animals is incredible. The best part of my job is seeing pets go home happy and healthy. Fun fact about me, I have a parrot, Guinea pig, rabbit, and a dog. I can't wait to move into a house with a yard, so I can expand my furry family! My first pet was a cat named Casey, she lived to 22.
Staff is always so welcome, and helpful. The veterinarians are knowledgeable, kind, and we always feel like we are getting…

Brittany Thomas

Let me start by saying I never write reviews- BUT WOW! What an incredible team of pet professionals! Dr. Sinclair…

Stacy Sharlen

Had a wonderful experience last week with my old dog. Not pleased about the price of allergy medication but glad…

Randy Janosky


My Dental Cleaning by Carrots the Clinic Cat

I recently had my check-up with Dr. B, and he mentioned that I have a lot of tartar on my teeth and something called a resorptive lesion. I had been noticing that my mouth wasn’t feeling so clean, and it did hurt when I ate my kibble.

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