YEG Pet-Friendly

Summer is officially underway in Edmonton, and our vibrant city is about to explode with festivals, full patios, and people outdoors enjoying the sunshine while it lasts! For many pet owners, going out to enjoy these things leaves a pang of guilt for having to leave their dogs at home. Each year, Edmonton becomes more, and we have compiled a list of the places in Edmonton that will gladly allow you to bring your pups along.

This spring El Cortez Mexican Kitchen and Have Mercy Restaurant became the first provincially approved enclosed patios to allow dogs in Edmonton. There are stipulations as to temperament and cleaning up after your pet, so please check with the restaurants before heading down.

Other fantastic locations in Edmonton that allow pets on or beside their patios can be found below. Many of these locations will even provide a water bowl for your dog, and some will also allow you to have your pup right at your table.

Please keep in mind, that most of these places will allow you to tie your dog to the patio rail, so you will want to get a table that allows you to be close your pup. We encourage you to call any location before heading down to ensure their policies have not changed, and that they have room to accommodate you and your dog.

As far as shopping goes, Peavey Mart in Leduc will allow pets within the store as long as they are on-leash. City Market Downtown on 104 street, as well as 124 Grand Market both, allow leashed dogs in the market, but if your dogs are overwhelmed by large volumes of people, you may want to skip this one. Whyte Avenue shops typically have water bowls outside on hot days to accommodate those of us who enjoy window shopping on Whyte with our pups.

Here in Edmonton, we are lucky to have an abundant park system with a variety of off-leash areas and trails to enjoy with our dogs. Several years ago, we searched the city high and low and came up with a list of some of the best dog park areas that the city and surrounding communities have to offer. This list is rapidly expanding, and below you will find our favourites old and new.

At the top of our list four years ago, was Terwillegar Dog Park. Many of the river valley park and trail areas including the Buena Vista/Sir Wilfred Laurier park also have wonderful off-leash areas, and some even include dog beaches. Just remember to keep an eye on signage and leash your dog when required as not all areas are off leash zones. Collingwood Dog Park and Mill Creek Ravine off-leash area are also on our list for great places to take your four-legged friends. The community of Spruce Grove has a dog park setup at Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial Off-Leash Area. Its 8.6 acre fenced off-leash park, with a separate small dog area. Similar parks can be found in Leduc – K-9 Off-leash park, as well as Sherwood Park – Deermound Off-Leash Park (not entirely fenced). New on the scene this year, is the Paisley Dog Park. It can be found in the south Edmonton community of Paisley and boasts a designated small dog area, double gated entrance and exit, as well as agility features that your pet is sure to love.

Finally, for those rainy or overly hot days, Lucky Donkey Indoor Dog Park is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This gives dogs the chance to roam and play off-leash in an enclosed, climate-controlled environment. It is similar to dog daycare, but owners are responsible for staying and supervising their dogs while there.

No matter where you go or what you do, remember to keep your pet’s safety in mind. Keep them off hot concrete for extended periods of time, provide adequate water, and never leave your animal in a hot vehicle. We hope you take advantage of some of these fantastic places because we sure will be.

Written by Christina Bourassa, RAHT