What to Consider Before Getting a Pet

What type of pet suits you?

Just like humans, every animal has it’s own personality.  It is important to research what type of pet suits you best before permanently introducing one into your home.  Deciding between a cat and dog may seem like an easy decision, but even further than that, there are certain breeds that may be more suitable than others.  Think about the energy level, the size, the grooming upkeep- all of these things are important to think about in advance.


Where will you get your pet?

Look at local rescues and see if there is a pet compatible with your family there.  There are even breed-specific rescues. If you are hoping to get a specific breed that cannot be found at a rescue and want to go through a breeder, do your research! Make sure you are supporting a reputable breeder.


Who will care for the pet?

It is important to think about who will do what when introducing a pet into a family.  Someone needs to scoop the litter box, put food in the bowl, go on walks, etc. It is important to have this decided so that no aspects of pet ownership are left undone.


Do you have a clinic picked out?

The pet will need a family vet to visit regularly for check-ups, vaccines, etc. Certain clinics cater to special needs- such as exotics, or cat-only clinics, to minimize stress for the pet. It is also important to know where emergency clinics are located so that if something happens outside of your clinic’s regular hours, you know where to go.


What will a new puppy or kitten require?

It is important to visit a vet soon after introducing a new family member to your home.  This will help the pediatric pet become familiar with the vet clinic environment, so that visits aren’t stressful. Kittens and puppies also require booster vaccinations, which are usually a set of 3 vaccines, roughly 4 weeks apart.  Spaying and neutering are also important procedures to look into, to prevent unwanted litters and avoid medical conditions.


What are the costs associated with a pet?

Pets are living creatures that need to be provided for.  The cost of purchasing a pet is not the only cost you will see with a furry friend. Vaccines, de-worming, grooming, pet supplies (bowls, leashes, collars), emergencies, and food are all things that need to be remembered when owning a pet. Pets cost more than the initial cost of purchasing, they also require up-keep.  It is important to be aware of every potential cost before committing to a pet. Pet insurance is also something to consider when getting a new pet.  There are many different companies that offer coverage ranging from vaccines to dentals, and even accidents.  Do your research for what company and what coverage will be best for you.