Tips and Products For Your Senior Pets

Your dog is now a senior. That doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun, it just means you have to provide extra love and care for them! There are many products that will help you and your four-legged friend live a happy and long life.

Heat therapy
Can be very beneficial for your senior dog! Just think about when you have sore muscles and how great a heating pad feels on them. The same goes for your elderly dog, they have lived a long life and between being active and laying on hard surfaces, heat on their muscles would feel amazing! A heated bed is a great way to provide heat to your senior without them overheating. It can really help comfort their arthritis and can also help deal with stress if your older dog is dealing with physical changes. Of course, there are different styles of beds that you can choose for your pet including indoor, outdoor and ones with removable covers. Your senior friend will be much more comfortable in his new warm bed.

Elevated food dishes
Another great to help out your senior pet. Some senior pets or large breed dogs have some back and neck issues so not having them bend over as far will be much more comfortable for them. There are also other good uses to elevated food dishes; they help in reduction of ingested air, and they help to aid in digestion. Purchasing them when your pet first becomes a senior is a very good idea and then they can grow into their older age a lot more comfortably.

Grip socks
These are a great tool for your aging friend, they are very useful for the outdoor cold months of winter when the ground is nice and slick to prevent slipping around or even falling. But grip socks can also be used at times other than just winter, they can help your pet when it comes to slippery floors or stairs in your house that they may be uncomfortable walking on. Your dog’s comfort and confidence will be boosted more than you know!

Stairs and Ramps
As your dog gets older, his or her hips, unfortunately, do not work the same as they once did. That’s why they will need all the help they can get and buying them products such as stairs and ramps to get onto things can be very beneficial! This will prevent them from having to do a stressful climb or jumping onto high things. Which means happy health hips for your elderly dog. Stairs onto your bed or couch are one way to assist your pet, and then having a ramp going into the back of your vehicle is another. There are many different styles and sizes again that will be fitting for your pet. Making aging a better process for the both of you.

Your loving friend has been by your side for many years now, so putting in the extra time and effort to make their life more comfortable will be worth it for the both of you.


Written by Jenica Lucius, ACA