Some of Pet Owner’s Biggest Mistakes

Getting a pet when you are not ready or getting the wrong kind-

This is the number one mistake that owners will make!  Knowing if you are ready is very important, and most people do not realize the work and responsibility of owning a pet. They require lots of training attention and love. Not to mention the cost that comes with them.  Also getting the wrong type of pet can be a mistake, are you ready for a high energy dog or one that may end up with behavioural issues? Choosing the right type is essential, read up on different breeds or visit different rescues to get a feel for what will work best for you.


Is a big mistake that pet owners will make with their pet. If either it’s a new puppy or adult dog if you have made a rule for your pet such as not allowing them on the couch you and your other household members must consistently keep on top of this.  Imagine the confusion for your poor pet if one day he is happily snuggled up to you watching a movie and then the next he is getting scolded and told to get off the couch?  Sit down with your family or roommates and make a list of rules and have everyone agree that those are the rules that will be set in place.  Of course, it may be impossible to watch your pet at all hours of the day but if you can keep his rules consistent his training will come along much better for the both of you.

Thinking something is cute and rewarding them

Jumping when they want a toy, stealing another pets bones and even barking nonstop at things can be cute the first time.  But if you reward them by giving them what they want or really any attention after the act they will think it is good behaviour and continue to do it.  Try and stop the cute but bad behaviour as soon as it happens and always stay consistent in this.  Puppy nipping is a good example of something that is cute the first few times but thinks about how much it can hurt when they continue to do it when they are 90 pounds or more?! This is something you will not want to reward, as cute as it is.

Not taking them in for their regular vet visit

Taking your pet to the vet is very important! Just like you go see your family doctor yearly your furry friend needs a checkup as well!  But unfortunately, a lot of pet owners overlook this in order to cut the cost of having a pet or because life sometimes gets in the way. Regular vet visits are important because of their yearly vaccinations and also to check up on anything else that could be going on, like body condition or early detection of diseases.  It may not be you or your pet’s favourite outing, but it is a very important part of owning a pet!

Not socializing your pet

From the moment you get your new pup, you need to start socializing him.  And this is an ongoing task throughout your dog’s life.  It is important to have your dog socialized with different types and ages of people.  Such as elderly people, kids and people from different ethnicities. Also, socializing with all different types of dogs and cats is key to keep up training with your pup as well!  Not keeping up on this could cause behaviour issue and aggression.

Fulfilling your pet’s needs and loving it is the best thing you can do!  So don’t skip out on this and give your pet the attention he requires and he will love you right back.  Always have your pet’s best interest in mind so they can live a happy, healthy life.

Written by Jencia Lucius, ACA