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How to Save Your Furniture from Kitty Claws

Why do cats scratch? Cats are notorious for their scratching behaviour, which can lead to many destroyed carpets and couches in your home.


Halloween Hazards

Halloween is right around the corner, and there are a couple of things to keep in mind to keep pets safe this spooky season!


D.I.Y Snuffle Mat

If you’re like me and you like to peruse Pinterest, you may have noticed Snuffle Mats popping up. They’re also popping in some pet stores and on Etsy. If you haven’t seen one yet, then I’m sure you’re very confused as to what a Snuffle Mat may be. Well, this…

Keeping the Neighbourhood Cats Out of Your Garden

Oh them cats, they are so adorable and yet can be so destructive. A lot of cats love to roam the neighbourhoods, especially in the summer, but not all of the neighbours love the cats in their yards and gardens.