Marty McFly’s Favourite Dental Chew Treats

This here is Marty Mcfly. He loves to spend his evenings chewing on bones and of course, his favourite chew! He has three favourites that we alternate through. He loves chewing the treats and I love the freshness of his breath. Win-win!

C.E.T VeggieDents

VeggieDents are a vegetable-based chew that is free of animal protein and wheat. They are easily digestible, they clean the teeth and freshen breath. Their unique z-shape makes them easy to hold and gets into those little crevices in the mouth to help clean the teeth all over. If you watch your dog chew the VeggieDent, you will notice that they move the chew from side to side in their mouth like a toothbrush. This is due to the shape of the chew. There are two types chewy and tough chews, so they appeal to the pickiest of chewers, even ones that have animal protein allergies! They also come in 3 different sizes, depending on the size of your pet.

Hills Dental Care Chews

These guys are new to the market and new to Marty’s heart. They are a softer chew and they also work like a toothbrush and dental floss all in one! The Dental Care Chews control both plaque and tartar. The star-shaped chew makes it easy to hold and gets into the little crevices to help clean the teeth as well. They also have a lovely mint smell to help freshen breath which, as you can imagine, is quite lovely compared to normal doggy breath!  The Dental Care Chews come in two different sizes, depending on your pet’s size. Marty loves these chews so much he will sit in front of the cupboard and make little whining sounds until I give him one! A treat with dental benefits, how can you go wrong?!

Royal Canin Medi Chews

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the Royal Canin Medi Chews. These have been one of Marty’s favourites since day 1! They, like the others, help control plaque and tartar. The X shape makes it easy to hold and gets into the tooth crevices to clean in the hard to reach spots. They also have an antioxidant blend to help strengthen the immune system and supplemental green tea polyphenols that help decrease oral bacteria responsible for plaque formation as a bonus! One of the things I appreciate about this chew is the eucalyptus oil that helps freshen the breath. Marty likes that it is easy to chew and super tasty at that! These chews also come in two sizes.

Well there you have it, Marty’s favourite chews all in one list. Luckily for him, these chews are all supported by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) and have their seal of Acceptance. Luckily for me, they help keep the teeth nice and clean and decrease my need for brushing his teeth. Of course, the gold standard is to touch the teeth daily but sometimes life gets in the way and you just need a little help. As with all kinds of chew treats or bones, these should only be given when you can monitor the chewing of them.

Written by Jill Thiessen, Office Manager