10 Things Cats Dislike

10. Creating loud sounds:
Cats have an incredible sense of sound, and loud noises can frighten them very easily. If you shout, bang things around, slam doors, or listen to loud music and television you will certainly upset them.

9. Reprimanding your cat:
Even if you are trying to teach your cat not to do a particular behaviour; scolding him is not going to make him learn. Yelling, clapping, shaking your finger, throwing objects etc. will confuse him. Instead, try rewarding good behaviour with treats and gentle pets to encourage positive behaviours.

8. Disregarding strange conduct:
It is cat nature to hide their pain, which is why we have to be able to notice when our cats seem off. If we suddenly notice strange behaviour; for example, going to the litter box too frequently, scratching excessively, not grooming themselves, etc. you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian immediately.

7. Providing water dishes, your cat will not drink out of:
It is essential for your cat’s health to drink enough water daily. Many cats are picky, and if they do not like the water dish you provide; they may not use it. If your cat prefers running water, you should invest in a drinking fountain to encourage them to stay hydrated.

6. Bothering them:
No one likes to be bothered, and we need to respect our cat’s personal space. If you have company over you, need to respect that this is your cats home too. Being poked, chased, pulled on, or having someone make sudden motions will scare your cat and make him feel unsafe.

5. Removing their claws:
Declawing is a painful procedure. It does not just remove their claws; it removes part of their bone. It can result in lifelong pain and suffering, and if they go outside, they will not be able to defend themselves against predators.

4. Dressing up your cat:
Cats are not meant to wear clothes. It restrains their body, makes them less agile on their feet, and agitates them. It can result in humiliation, strangulation, or immobility.

3. Neglecting to assist in grooming:
Cats normally do a great job of keeping themselves groomed, but occasionally they may need a little help. And although they rarely enjoy baths and nails trims, matted fur and ingrown nails are the uncomfortable consequence of neglecting regular grooming.

2. Disrespecting your cats’ personal space:
All cats need a place where they feel secure and can go to if they need to be alone. It can be a certain room, kennel, cat tree, or even a cardboard box. Your cat does not enjoy constant human interaction.

1. Not providing your cat with sufficient attention:
Even though your cat needs some alone time, they also require a fair amount of attention. Cuddling, talking, feeding, and playtime all have positive effects on both you and your furry friend. Cats provide us with joy, therapy, companionship and much more so let’s take time out of our day and show them how much we love them!

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Written by: Breah Russell, CCR