Top 5 Dog Products

1. Zuke’s Mini Treats: These treats are great for many purposes and are low in calories. They can be used for training as they are very small, and they can be used in treat cubes. They come in several different flavours, even peanut butter so that pets with meat allergies can enjoy them too.


2. The Halti: A head collar is a great training tool. The Halti is placed on the muzzle of the dog to prevent them from pulling, as when they do, their head is turned away from where they are pulling towards. The Halti also has a safety clip so that if they somehow slip from it, they are still attached to the leash. For dogs that pull with collars and harnesses, the Halti is a great alternative.


3. CET Chews: CET Enzymatic chews are a great product for not only keeping your dog’s mouth healthy but for keeping them busy. For those of us with powerful chewers, these are approved for lasting more than one minute like other chews. They come in a range of sizes so that any dog can enjoy them.


4. Hide-a-Toys: These are great for dogs that need mental stimulation to keep themselves busy. It can be great for days that they are staying inside but still want to play. The idea is that you hide the toys inside of a base and they have to find all of them. It can be very entertaining to watch! They come in a variety- squirrels, presents for holiday time, and birds!


5. LED Dog Collars: A light up collar is a must-have for walks in the dark! It keeps you and your pet safe from being easy to spot. Clip-on lights can only be seen from certain angles and often don’t last long. A fully lit collar can be spotted from any angle and can last for 6-12 hours as well as be recharged. They are great for walks in the dark and for camping.


Written by Liz Wall, RAHT