Slim Cat Ball Review

The Slim Cat ball is a plastic ball about the size of a baseball that can have food kibbles placed inside that come out of small holes in the ball when it is batted about by our kitty friends! They are a great option for cats that need to get moving, need their brains occupied or need to slow down their eating habits. In this blog, one of our staff members will provide a review on the product based on the use of them with her cats.

Effectiveness – Some cats take to the product right away while others will refuse to use it at all. Hopefully, with some patience, your cat will learn to love the slim cat ball! So far, my cat has lost 2 pounds using the Slim Cat ball. She is playing away the pounds!

Durability –the cats can roll their balls down the stairs, and the Slim Cat ball has survived it all! I have not needed to replace my Slim Cat ball yet.

Ease of use- The Slim Cat Ball is easy to use and clean. The hole size of the ball is adjustable so you can make getting the food out easier or more difficult for your cat! The ball can easily fit an entire meal for your cat. As a bonus, the Slim Cat ball is dishwasher safe (top rack only).

Price – At Mill Creek Animal Hospital the Slim Cat ball is under $10!

Colours – the Slim Cat Ball is available in Royal Blue, Pink, Lime Green or Orange.

Any problems? – So far so good! The only tough part is if you are in a multi-cat household, it is hard to ensure that everyone is eating their food! To combat this, you can confine your cats to separate areas during feeding time if possible.

Written by Jessica Sirovyak, Reception