Alberta does not typically experience high heat for long periods of time, heartworm does not persist in our environment and therefore, is not a big problem here in Alberta. We focus on prevention if pets are known to travel to places where heartworm is prevalent.

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What are the symptoms of heartworm in a dog?

Some symptoms of heartworm can be a mild, persistent cough, feeling tired after very little exercise, or not wanting to eat. These can also be symptoms of other diseases as well.

How do dogs get heartworm?

Heartworm is transmitted through mosquitos. Yes, those pesky little bugs that cause those itchy little bumps on you can carry the heartworm larvae that is fatal to dogs if left untreated.

What are the treatment options for heartworm?

The best treatment options for heartworm is to prevent it before it even happens. Here at Mill Creek, we provide heartworm treatments that come in a chew tablet form or a topical form. Infested animals can be treated, however, it can be a difficult and lengthy process.

Why is recovery and heartworm treatment challenging?

Treatment for heartworm is difficult because it must be treated in stages and recovery is a lengthy process.

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