Ear Cleaning and Nail Trimming for Dogs

Many dogs have ears that either hang down or have excessive hair that creates the perfect environment for yeast and bacteria to grow in. These dogs may be prone to ear infections and should be cleaned regularly to help prevent an uncomfortable infection. Nail trims are also important to do regularly, as long nails can easily be caught and torn, which is very painful. Long nails can make walking uncomfortable, and sometimes nails can get so long, that they grow into the pads of the feet, which as you can imagine would be very painful!

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How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

Dog’s nails grow just like ours do. You should trim them at least once monthly so that they don’t catch on anything, or make it difficult for your dog to walk. If you are nervous about cutting their nails, you can call us and we will do it for you.

Should I clean my dog’s ears?

Only clean your dog’s ears if a veterinary professional has talked you through it, or shown you how. Never use a Q-tip on your pet, as it can cause more damage than good.

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