Keeping Cats Active at Home

Keeping our feline friends at a healthy weight can be a struggle for many pet owners. With the combination of a proper diet and an active lifestyle we can help to manage our cats’ weight and ultimately help them to lead a happy and healthier life. Here are a few ways to keep cats active at home

  1. Toys

Of course you can always use cat toys to get your cat active! Playing with toys on strings, catnip or honeysuckle toys or playing fetch are great ways to keep your kitty moving and to provide bonding time between you and your pet. Ideally, make time to spend with your cat each day to play and get moving!

2. Cat Towers and Scratching Posts

Having a carpeted cat tower or scratching post is a great way for your cat to remain active! Many love to climb and scratch their towers. Not only does scratching give them a nice stretch, but it also helps them to alleviate stress and can save your furniture from damage (want more tips on controlling your cats scratching? See our blog post about scratching in cats!)

3. Laser Pointers

Cats are always curious as to why they can’t catch that pesky red dot! Using a laser pointer is a great way to get your cat moving. Ensure you are using a laser pointer that is intended for use for playing with your pet to be sure we are being as safe as possible. Most pet stores carry these products.

4.Food Balls/Puzzles

Food balls and puzzles are a great way to keep your kitty active while still letting them have a meal or snack. This helps to keep them moving and make them work for their food. It also forces them to slow down while they eat which helps them to avoid gastrointestinal upset. Visit your local pet store or vet clinic to see what food puzzles they have available!

5.Walks on a leash

Taking your cats for a walk on a leash is a great way for them to get active and experience the great outdoors safely and under your supervision. While it’s understandable that not all cats will tolerate wearing a harness and leash, with slow introduction and making the leash a positive experience your cat may learn to love going for walks!

6.Move their food around the house

If you live in a multi-level home you can try moving your cat’s food dish to another level of the house to force them to use the stairs. Just make sure that you keep an eye on them to ensure they are still eating!


It is important to get your cat moving every day to help them live a healthy lifestyle. Activity can help with weight management and improve a pet’s overall quality of life. An active cat is a happy cat!


Written By Jessica Sirovyak,