Dog Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to furry family members is never easy. We will discuss all options with you so that you can make the best decision for your pet.

What is pet euthanasia and how do I know when it’s the right time?

Euthanasia is an anesthetic overdose given by injection. We can provide the information for you to make an educated decision on when to say goodbye.

Can I say goodbye to my pet in the comfort of our home?

We offer a private setting in-clinic for you to spend time with your loved one, before saying goodbye.

What drug is used?

Euthanyl is the drug that we inject into the vein for a humane passing.

What’s the cost of euthanasia?

We have a cost for the injection and costs for cremation options vary. We are able to discuss costs and options over the phone, or in-clinic.

Does the clinic also provide bereavement counselling?

We are always here to help you cope during your time of loss. We do not have a counselling program but will listen when you need someone to talk to.

Dr. Burant is the best! He always puts the animal's comfort ahead of his own. Never hides anything and is eager…

Venny Xaronski

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Courtney Mcqueen

I have been taking my two kitties Jethro and Dexter to see Dr. Burant for several years now. We are…

Terena Gibbs

We have been taking our pets there for 17 years! I can't image going anywhere else. They are caring, compassionate…

Marcie Whitecotton-carroll

Dr. Sinclair and the entire team at Millcreek Animal Hospital are amazing. I cannot say enough good words about how…

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