A Day in the Life of a Registered Veterinary Technologist

Registered Veterinary Technologists (RVTs) are an essential part of the veterinary healthcare team. These trained professionals have achieved their diploma in Animal Health Technology and passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam in order to be licensed to practice in the province of Alberta.

So what does an RVT do anyway? No, it isn’t always kitten snuggles and puppy kisses (although we love that part)! Here is a look into a day of the life of an RVT at Mill Creek Animal Hospital.

First thing in the morning, the RVT will assist the veterinarian with pre-surgical exams, calculate medication doses needed for surgery and ensure the surgical suite is prepared for the procedures for the day.

Once the pet is cleared for surgery, the pet is ready to be put under anesthetic. The RVT is responsible for inducing, maintaining and monitoring anesthesia. Once in surgery, the RVT must keep the pet safe and comfortable under anesthetic. All vital parameters are closely monitored and the patient’s level of anesthesia is carefully controlled.

Once the surgery is completed, the RVT stays with the pet while recovering from anesthesia. A post-surgical assessment is taken and the RVT ensures the pet is comfortable, safe and free from pain.

After the mornings’ surgeries are finished up, the veterinary team is ready to take on a full afternoon of appointments!

Before your pet is seen by the veterinarian, an RVT is responsible for gathering a thorough medical history for your pet, accessing your pet’s heart and respiratory rate and for taking your pet’s temperature. This helps to kick start your pet’s appointment!

Registered Veterinary Technologists are trained in collecting blood, giving injections, processing and analyzing lab samples, taking diagnostic radiographs and much more! They are often pulled in a million different directions and try to help everywhere and anywhere they can.

You will definitely notice that RVTs have some of the biggest hearts out there – they are all truly in this for our love and compassion for animals.  At the end of the day, the veterinary team is often exhausted from a busy day, but we can’t wait to gear up and do it all again tomorrow!

Written by Jessica Sirovyak, RAVT