Black Cats Beware: No! Be-Awesome!

As Halloween will soon be upon us, it is a great time to pay homage to all the black pets out there. Did you know that black pets are more likely to be passed over during adoptions? All the spotted, striped and fancy pets go first, and the gorgeous sleek black ones are left waiting for their chance.

First, let’s start with the most obvious great fact about black pets. Black goes with everything! You don’t have to worry about your new cat clashing with your home décor or with your other pets. Their personalities may clash, but they will look great together. So unless you live in a completely white house and only wear white clothes, consider a black pet! Although with that much white, maybe you need to mix things up a bit.

Black pets are the perfect canvas for colours. All those cute colours will pop on a black dog or cat. There are so many great pet accessories you can get to jazz up your already amazing black pet. In the age of Etsy handmade dog collars, in whatever fabric you can imagine, are available at the click of a button. So jazz up that pup! During a trip to the farmers market or your friendly local pet store, you may also find more handmade goodies for your pet. From collars, ties, bowties (because bowties are cool) to booties, bandanas and jackets. Give your pup some style that will help catch the eye of other humans, resulting in more attention and pets for your dog. What dog doesn’t love more attention?

If you have children and a black cat, think of all the money you will save in cat ninja costumes, as the cat will already be dressed for ninja hide and seek action!

Did you know that as black cats age, their fur may change colour? They can get grey fur just like us as we age. Their fur may also become a more exotic chocolatey or cinnamon colour if they spend many hours lounging in the sun. If your black cat is changing to a brownish is colour and not spending hours in the sun, it is best to consult your veterinarian, as they might be lacking an essential enzyme that helps keep their coat that luscious jet black. Those tabby cats don’t change to an amazing new colour!

We’ve all heard that a black cat crossing you cat is bad luck, but in many cultures, black cats are considered lucky. So roll the dice and take a chance on a black cat or dog. Just remember any cat, of any fur colour, is equally likely to be secretly plotting your demise.

Written by Nicki Payne, RAHT