Best Dog Parks in Edmonton

Spring is here! What better way to enjoy it then taking our four-legged family members to frolic in the park, chase sticks, and swim in creeks. Here in Edmonton, we are lucky to have an abundant park system with a variety of off-leash areas and trails to enjoy with our dogs. There are so many areas in fact, that most people are unaware of many of them and people who are new to off leash dog areas can often be overwhelmed trying to decide where the best place for them and their dogs is. Fear not dog lovers, we have searched the city high and low and have come up with a list of some of the best dog park areas that the city and surrounding communities have to offer.

At the top of our list for Edmonton is Terwillegar Dog Park. It is an expansive multi-use park that is entirely dog friendly: with views of the river, well packed gravel trails, and pond areas for the dogs that enjoy swimming. Overall it is a great park for anyone, whether you take your dog on or off leash, and the large field area at the entrance to the park is great for playing fetch or large group activities.

If you are looking for a more exclusive park and are willing to pay the yearly membership fee, the Edmonton Humane Society offers a fully fenced three acre off leash area, with a separate pen for small dogs only.

The community of Spruce Grove has a similar park setup at Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial Off Leash Area. Its 8.6 acre fenced off leash park, with a separate small dog area. Similar parks can be found in Leduc – K-9 Off leash park, as well as Sherwood Park – Deermound Off Leash Park (not entirely fenced).

Back in Edmonton, off leash areas can be found in every area of the city and in almost every city park. Whether it’s Millcreek Ravine, with its granular off leash area full of creeks and trees, or Callingwood Dog Park in West Edmonton there are off leash areas to cater to every family.

If you are not comfortable letting your dog off leash just yet, dogs can be walked on trails in any park area in the city. Just remember that our furry friends need to be kept away from playgrounds, sports fields, school yards, and golf courses. Otherwise, feel free to go out and explore, you never know what kind of great trails you will find for walking. Just make sure to be careful with dogs in high traffic areas, as well as areas with wildlife.

By Christina Bourassa – Animal Care Assistant