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Blood Tests for Cats

Although doing a physical exam on your pet can help the doctor make a diagnosis, specific blood values can reveal more than the eye can see. Blood testing may be recommended for several reasons, whether that be pre-surgical, wellness screening, or for monitoring the effects of long term medication use….


Cat X-rays

Radiographs, commonly called x-rays, are a very helpful diagnostic tool. We can use x-rays to diagnose all types of things, like pregnancy, fractured bones, asthma, bladder stones, and more.


Overweight Cat Help

Being overweight can impact your cat’s health significantly. It can cause joint problems and diabetes among other things. It is always easier to put on the weight than it is to take it off, so by being proactive and feeding an appropriate amount of food, you can help decrease the…


Cat Dental Care

Four out of five pets are diagnosed with dental disease. If untreated, it can lead to serious and uncomfortable issues that can concern more than just your cat’s mouth. At our clinic, we provide a full range of dental services.