Dog X-ray

We use a digital radiography system for chest, abdomen, and extremity radiographs. For dental radiographs, we use film processing equipment.

How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

When we use diagnostic imaging, we can make an informed decision about a pet’s treatment plan. By taking radiographs, whether it be of a mouth, a paw, or abdomen, we can have an idea of what potential issues are occurring beneath the surface.

How do you prepare your dog for their x-ray appointment?

Depending on what type of x-rays are being taken, there may be requirements for the appointment. When we are taking x-rays that require sedation, your pet will need to have fasted. When taking a bladder x-ray, ideally the bladder is full to get a better visual of the structure. If there are special instructions for your appointment, you will be told in advance.

How much do dog x-ray examinations cost?

Cost is case dependent. Please call Mill Creek Animal Hospital for more information.


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