Puppy Vaccinations

Here at Mill Creek Animal Hospital, we believe that the vaccination of puppies is one of the most important steps in assuring the puppy will have a healthy and happy puppyhood. There are three core vaccines that are essential for dogs and puppies to have. The first of these is what is often referred to as the “distemper combination.” This combination vaccinates against distemper virus, adenovirus and parainfluenza virus. Then there is the Parvovirus vaccine and lastly, the rabies vaccine.

What vaccinations do you offer to new puppies?

DAPPV, rabies and bordetella.

Why is it important to properly vaccinate your puppy?

A newborn puppy gets some antibody protection from its mother’s milk. After that, they need help bringing their immunity levels up. That is where vaccines come in. They give the puppies the antibodies needed to keep deadly viruses like distemper and parvovirus away. Distemper and parvo are highly contagious and deadly, especially to puppies. Distemper is a viral disease that attacks several body systems including the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, the spinal cord and the brain. The parvovirus attacks the digestive system and the heart. There are no guaranteed cures, so you need to be pro-active and protect your puppy by vaccinating and following the vaccine schedule.

What is an appropriate schedule for puppy vaccinations?

We recommend the following vaccine schedule for puppies. At 8 weeks of age the first DAPPV vaccine is due, 12 weeks of age we would do the second DAPPV booster and bordetella, although we could do bordetella as early as 8 weeks of age or older. At 16 weeks of age, we would do the third DAPPV booster and rabies.

How should you prepare your puppy for its first vaccination visit?

First of all, don’t be nervous! If you’re nervous, your puppy is nervous and we want the visit to be as low-stress as possible for all involved. A lot happens in your puppy’s first vet visit, including a full physical exam. It can be helpful to bring them in with an empty stomach and bring their favourite treats to keep them focused. Bring any paperwork you may have to give to the veterinarian. The veterinarian will want to see if any vaccines and/or dewormer has been given and when.

How much do puppy vaccinations cost?

It is dependent on your puppy and your lifestyle. Please call the clinic to discuss this further.

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