Blog: Pet Parasite Prevention


Kennel Cough

What is Kennel Cough? Kennel Cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis) is an upper respiratory infection that mostly affects dogs but can occasionally affect cats. It is caused by both bacteria and a virus.


What to Know About Heartworm

  During the summer is the time where everyone is outside enjoying the nice warm weather, whether it’s just in the back yard or going out hiking or camping. It’s not just you and your pets though that are enjoying the lovely weather, all the bugs are too. Cats and…

Open House & Parasite Focus

Open House/Parasite Focus Date: May 11th  Time: 2pm-5:00pm Location: Mill Creek Animal Hospital Details: nail trims by donation, clinic tour, prize baskets, parasite talk, cupcakes


Preparing Pets for Spring & Summer Time

As soon as the snow starts melting and the days get longer, people often have one thought on their mind: SUMMER! Summer is a fun season-for a lot of people it includes going to the lake, hiking, camping, and travelling! The heat of the summer brings more than just flip…