Kailee Goertzen

Client Care Representative
I am a student at the University of Alberta, but I am taking Environmental and Conservation Sciences and not Veterinary Medicine. I decided on my field because I love the earth and everything that lives on it and I want to make a difference. I will be graduating in the Winter of 2020. I joined the Mill Creek team in August 2018. I am interested in the Behavioural Veterinary Medicine because if our best friends could talk, understanding them would be easy, but they cannot, so it is very interesting to learn about their behaviours and why they do the things they do. My first pet is a Cocker Spaniel named Molly. I love making connections with people and making a difference in their lives. My favourite part about working at Mill Creek Animal Hospital is the people here. They are wonderful and are the reason this place feels so homey. I love all animals, but I have a special love for reptiles, amphibians, and rodents. I currently have two fancy mice, names Allie and Rodney.
Let me start by saying I never write reviews- BUT WOW! What an incredible team of pet professionals! Dr. Sinclair…

Stacy Sharlen

Had a wonderful experience last week with my old dog. Not pleased about the price of allergy medication but glad…

Randy Janosky

Needed a vet in Edmonton and was so happy to find this place. The vets were friendly and knowledgeable and…

Melinda Wolney

I have 3 cats and bringing them here has always resulted in a positive expensive. Every veterinarian that I've seen…

Kori Go-tier


Diets and Heart Disease in Dogs

There has been a lot of media attention and many questions from worried pet-parents regarding the recent FDA report that suggests there is a connection between grain-free diets and the development of heart disease in dogs.

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