Cat Grooming

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, eating, and grooming. They are usually capable of keeping themselves looking immaculate and don’t often require help in this department! Cats that have injuries, overweight, or are older and cannot move around as easily sometimes need help by being brushed and shaved to keep comfortable. When cats are not groomed whether that be by themselves or with assistance, mats can form and cause discomfort by pulling at the skin.

What grooming services does the clinic provide?

We don’t actually do grooming at Mill Creek Animal Hospital. We can do a lion shave if needed, but please call to book an appointment.

What is clinic booking and cancellation policy?

We take appointments Monday-Friday for grooming services. For exact hours of availability, please contact us at the clinic. We appreciate any notice if you need to cancel or reschedule.

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Jade Shimmin

Absolutely awesome people. Really empathetic and understanding. Consistently professional and friendly service. Efficient also.

Colin P

I highly recommend the Mill Creek Animal Hospital. Our cats are comfortable with Dr. Sinclair and the friendly staff. They…

Mytien Duong

I was looking for a vet for my new cat a few months ago, and brought him in for a…

Melanie Mireault

They are the best had to put my sweet dog down and they where so sympathy and caring through the…

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