Fluffy Feline Fur

If you own a cat then you’ve probably heard the dreaded noise that precedes a hairball. So how do we keep our kitties from those unpleasant hairballs?

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Emergencies in Veterinary Medicine

Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus.  One important aspect of being a pet owner is being well aware of potential emergencies that may occur in your pet and how to deal with them.

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Benefits of Pet Companionship

Increases physical activity levels– it is hard to lay on the couch all day if Fido is begging for a walk. Cardio exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, which could mean a longer life to spend with Fido!

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Top 5 Pet Toys

These are the top 5 pet toys approved by Riggins the Dog!

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Spring Time, Tips for Happy Pets

The snow has melted, the birds are chirping, your senior cat is acting like a kitten again, and your dog is ready to make friends with everyone… and their dog! Yep, sounds like spring.

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I have only been here a couple times but I will definitely be coming back. Dr. Sinclair is fantastic! She is…

Jade Shimmin

Absolutely awesome people. Really empathetic and understanding. Consistently professional and friendly service. Efficient also.

Colin P

I highly recommend the Mill Creek Animal Hospital. Our cats are comfortable with Dr. Sinclair and the friendly staff. They…

Mytien Duong

I was looking for a vet for my new cat a few months ago, and brought him in for a…

Melanie Mireault

They are the best had to put my sweet dog down and they where so sympathy and caring through the…

Dorothy Matsalla