A Carrot Christmas Carol

‘Twas the night before Christmas, at Carrot’s clinic house. Every creature was purring, it was not safe for a mouse. Knit stockings were hung by the exam room with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

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Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

Chances are you’ve heard of diabetes or know someone who has it. Diabetes in your pet is very similar. Let’s take a simplified look at how things work. In a typical body glucose (sugar from your pet’s diet) is processed by the body and transported throughout for cells to use as energy. Once it reaches […]

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Lumps and Bumps

One of the more common complaints from owners is a new bump that has appeared on their pet. So what’s next?

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The Scoop on the Scoot

Every so often a dog owner comes in saying that their pet has been scooting around the house and licking their bum. These symptoms are commonly mistaken for being associated with worms when in actuality they are usually a result of irritated anal glands. To learn about what can go wrong with anal glands, we […]

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Senior Pets and Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

As our pets age, there is a multitude of issues that can arise. They can be as small as an extra lump or two, or as large as something like cognitive dysfunction, which is similar to dementia in people. The main signs of these syndromes are progressive confusion, reversal of day and night wake/sleep patterns […]

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I had to put my 14 year old cat down due to several health issues and age. The staff…

Therese Stevens

it was my first time bringing my animals there, and everyone was friendly and helpful. The Vets were knowledgeable and…

Annie B

I have only been here a couple times but I will definitely be coming back. Dr. Sinclair is fantastic! She is…

Jade Shimmin

While I don't currently go to this clinic with my cat, I have heard of and seen their amazing, knowledgeable…

Ashley Norman

I highly recommend the Mill Creek Animal Hospital. Our cats are comfortable with Dr. Sinclair and the friendly staff. They…

Mytien Duong