The Scoop on Cat Litter

So you’re just about to bring home your very first kitten, and you’re standing in the pet store looking at a daunting wall of cat litter. Which do you choose and why are there so many?

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Some of Pet Owner’s Biggest Mistakes.

Getting a pet when you are not ready or getting the wrong kind- This is the number one mistake that owners will make!  Knowing if you are ready is very important, and most people do not realize the work and responsibility of owning a pet. 

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A Day in the Life of a Registered Veterinary Technologist

Registered Veterinary Technologists (RVTs) are an essential part of the veterinary healthcare team. These trained professionals have achieved their diploma in Animal Health Technology and passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam in order to be licensed to practice in the province of Alberta.

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World Rabies Day – September 28, 2017

Did you know that there is a whole day dedicated to rabies awareness and education?! September 28th is a World Rabies Day!

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What Your Vet Wants to Know

Often times when owners are bringing their pets in, it can feel overwhelming with how much they are supposed to remember about their pets. Here are some tips on making a visit to the clinic easier for both you and the veterinarian:

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it was my first time bringing my animals there, and everyone was friendly and helpful. The Vets were knowledgeable and…

Annie B

I have only been here a couple times but I will definitely be coming back. Dr. Sinclair is fantastic! She is…

Jade Shimmin

While I don't currently go to this clinic with my cat, I have heard of and seen their amazing, knowledgeable…

Ashley Norman

I highly recommend the Mill Creek Animal Hospital. Our cats are comfortable with Dr. Sinclair and the friendly staff. They…

Mytien Duong

Absolutely awesome people. Really empathetic and understanding. Consistently professional and friendly service. Efficient also.

Colin P